provides online appointment of doctors who have registered with us and are ready to provide online appointment based on their availability. A confirmed appointment is provided after making the payment through online channels.

You search for the doctor whose appointment is required. Go to his online calendar,look for his availability and then select the slot and get a confirmed booking after providing the necessary credentials and making payment. We do not ask for a user id to be created nor do we require a patient to login for getting the appointments booked through

Although, our aim is to assist you in getting an online appointment done for visit to a doctor, we do not prevent you from looking at the doctors availability and his profile.

Go to Book Appointment on the doctor’s page, select a date and then you will see the time slots on which the said doctor is available for consultancy.

This can be done. We do not prevent you from getting multiple appointments done either for a same patient or different patients for a same date or different dates.

We do not provide this facility at the moment. Our aim is to assist you in obtaining a confirmed appointment with a doctor on a selected time slot and date.

A doctor specifies how many appointments can be booked on a particular time slot on a given date. The availability on the calendar shows the vacancy therein and thus the availability.

When you visit a doctor and seek an appointment for a future date, this can be done at his location by making payment in cash. The booking charges in case of “onsite appointment” are less in comparison to the “online appointments” as we do not require to pay to the payment gateway provider in case of cash receipts.

This is perfectly secure. We have tied up with CCAvenue for payment gateway which uses industry-standard VeriSign's 256 bit SSL (Standard Sockets Layer) Technology, which is used worldwide, for data encryption. CCAvenue has installed a variety of products and processes to pre-empt credit card fraud and advice merchants how to forestall charge backs. These are internationally certified security standards, which ensure the security of transactions conducted through the website. It has also achieved the new PCI DSS 2.0 Standards of Compliance, which makes it one of the most secure payment gateways in the world.

You can reschedule an appointment for one time depending upon the availability of the doctor with whom the original appointment was booked. This can be done upto a day prior to the date for which the booking has already been done.

This can be printed immediately upon the booking being done or later on by going to “Search Appointment” and providing either the “Appointment Id” or the Mobile Number of the patient entered at the time of booking appointment.

You can search for your appointment either through the online appointment id provided at the time of appointment booking or through the mobile number. You can also look at the SMS sent on your mobile immediately upon booking an appointment.

This is in your interest to contact the doctor on the numbers as provided on his profile page or on the “Appointment Receipt”. This will help in ascertaining the exact timing on the selected time slot on the appointment date.

You can Reschedule an appointment immediately following the booking of an appointment till a day prior to the appointment date. The reschedule is however based on the Doctor’s availability as shown in his availability calendar.

No user id is required to be created to book an appointment.

Upon registration, our team will contact you and assist in completing the Profile page and creating the online calendar. We will seek your credential documents and bank related information at that time. This is required for the payment to be done by us in your account for online bookings done through this website/ portal.

A doctor can update his “profile” by logging on to his account using the user id and the password. This can be done by clicking on “Edit Profile” and making necessary changes and then clicking on “Update Profile”.

In case, you forget your password click on “Forgot your password?” on the Doctor login page. A confirmation mail with the id and password is then sent on your registered email id.

An appointment once done can be rescheduled one time at present. We are however trying to see that in future a second reschedule is also allowed upon payment of a reschedulement fee.

Reschedulement fees is the charges to be paid by the patient in case he goes for the reschedulement of an appointment second time.

These are the commonly used medical terms as sourced by us from various places, websites, books, doctors etc. We advise you to refer relevant books for more information on those.